MeCoffee and MeBarista

I know there’s a fairly small chance that the home automation geek and espresso geek community overlap… But a guy can hope :slight_smile:

Does anyone use the MeCoffee PID kit for the Rancilio Silvia espresso machine? More specifically, does anyone use the accompanying MeBarista app, and have either already integrated this into home assistant, or know whether this is possible? I’ve reached out, but I’m not getting a reply.

I currently have the espresso machine connected via a z-wave switch. This kit looks soooo much better (tighter temperature control), but I don’t want to loose the ability to automate the warmup sequence (i.e. my old and “soon-to-be-again” setup where Tasker checks if I have an alarm set, and if I’m at home, it sends a command for HASS to start the espresso machine 15 minutes prior to the alarm, so it has been pre-heated and ready to use once I get up).