Media Browser connected to synology drive

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My HA has already been configurated with synology (integration) and on my synology drive, I have a playlist I would like to see on my media browser.
Is there a way to display the mp3 files from my synology drive to the media browser ?
How can I add my synology to a media player ?
It is possible to add a local network path(my synology drive with songs) to :

motion: /media/motion_events

Thanks !

Hello !

Could someone please give me a hint to achieve what I want to do ?


You should be able to do some magic here:


Thanks !
How can I activate NFS service in home assistant ?

Not HomeAssistant, Synology…

I get stuck…
The Server/ you got on the screenshot…how did you manage to add that ? with the NFS Shared folder ?
I have some issue with some NFS permission… Is there any tutorial ?

Unsure if this is what your after…

But you can now configure the media directory

I have a ‘Home Public’ folder that has all my shared Music, Pictures & Videos.
From Home Assistant, you can select a Media Source when playing something


Thanks for your help :grinning:, I have managed to connect my nas on my hassio (my hassio is installed on docker)

I have just 2 last questions :

  • I have to execute manually this : mount -t nfs4 /mnt/media2 (on portainer in home assistant container) to mount my nas. Is there a way to do it automaticaly (ie not doing it every time i restart hassio)

  • I have a JBL Link Music speaker and i can select it from ‘choose my player’ but no sound is played when i launch a mp3 file. Is there any config thing that i missed up ?

Again, thanks for your time and help

Have a nice day !

  1. Could you not configure it directly in Synology? Or create a job to automatically run that at boot.
  2. You could try de-bugging… Does it work with any other media?

I managed to sort it out :

  mount_nas_media_folder: mount -t nfs4 /media

and an automation

  - alias: HomeAssistant Start
    - event: start
      platform: homeassistant
      - delay: 00:02:00
      - service: shell_command.mount_nas_media_folder

the no sound problem was related to SSL topics. Had to properly configure it

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