Media Browser consistent "Unknown Error"

I’ve been having an issue with the latest couple builds of HA Core where the Media Browser is inaccessible. I’m attempting to setup some automations where an action is to Play Media>TTS>Google Translate/Nabu Casa to a certain media player. When using GUI, I can select the media player but when I hit the large + button to add the TTS I’m faced with an error every time saying " Media Browsing Error - Unknown error". The same is true when I attempt to go to Media in the left side bar.

The interesting thing is when I go to an automation that is already setup and I attempt to make a modification to the TTS service I can hit the back button in the dialog box from “Cloud” to “Text to Speech” both show up just fine. When I hit back one more time and reach the “Media” screen the loading wheel spins indefinitely.

Any help is greatly appreciated to get the media integration back into HA.

Same issue here.

Same issue here.

Same here.

Same here. Any updates?

Same issue here. I got it recently though. But I see this is a problem that have been going for a while for others… Any tips for a way to try to find a source to the error would be greatly appreciated