Media browser is gone with 2022.3.x (solved)


I’ve reported my issue here:

But put it as a separate thread as well as it is now lost in the flow of the original thread.

The “Media browser” at the left is gone, I don’t have it when click-hold the “Home Assistant” title to select, order the entries and as everything (like TTS) seems to refer to the media browser that I’ve lost, I’m craving for it to come back.

Can someone help me to understand what is wrong? What I suspect, without being sure:

  • As I’m not using the default_config: entry, I might miss something in my configuration.yaml.
  • Installing the radio_browser integration broke something
  • Something else, having no clue

Can someone help, please?

It’s meant to automatically load if you have an integration that has a media source. I suspect that is broken. You can get it back by adding media_source: to you config.

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I’ve media_dirs, but not media_source, that was the issue indeed.
Thank you