Media Center Control in HA Front End

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I have become a HomeAssistant convert. I now use HA to control my Insteon network via ISY-994, ceiling fans and lights via a Bond Bridge, Shelly devices via mqtt, and several other one offs like my irrigation controller, etc. I also used an ESP32 and ESPHome to make a HA Gate controller for the gate on my driveway and a BLE hub via ESPHome and an ESP32 to support Govee humidity sensors. The community has been awesome supporting my learning how to get do more and more with HomeAssistant.

From a frontend perspective, I have stayed away from custom cards and have stuck with the standard cards that come with HA. Given how rapidly they are evolving/improving this has made sense and I have arrived at a UI that gets decent WAF (primary use case for control is via the IOS Companion app) and Alex for specific devices where voice control makes sense.

I have TVs in multiple rooms. Each has multiple inputs (Roku, DirecTV, etc.) and internal smart apps for popular streaming services. The TVs range in age from 1-15 years old but I do have iTach devices for each one so I can support a mix of IP and IR control. One setup also includes a Onkyo AV receiver. I have been a RoomieRemote/SimpleControl user for longer than I have used HA. Overall, the RoomieRemote paradigm of controlling a “media center” per room with an app that looks somewhat like what a physical remote would look like works and is generally intuitive.

The question: I have never really figured out/understood the paradigm in HA for media center control. Is there a “standard” or “typical” way to achieve “Media Center” control in a consistent way across multiple media centers each with different hardware (TV models, streamer devices) etc. within HomeAssistant (without significant custom work trying to create a custom control card)? I have dabbled with the media center integrations and cards but I never get something that would look like a remote? Is there a vision for HomeAssistant to address this specific area with more standard methodologies? (I have already paid for a perpetual RoomieRemote license, so this is not an issue of cost for me but rather getting more consolidation of control by going from two major platforms/apps to a single one (Roomie does have some home control capabilities but nothing as robust as HA, so my desire is to evolve away from Roomie and use HA to meet all of my remote control needs)