Media_extractor error

It seems media_extractor towards Youtube is broken?
Here’s my error log:

Mon Apr 29 2019 07:01:01 GMT+0200 (centraleuropeisk sommartid)

Could not retrieve data for the URL:<CLIP-ID>


Mon Apr 29 2019 07:01:01 GMT+0200 (centraleuropeisk sommartid)
ERROR: <CLIP-ID>: "token" parameter not in video info for unknown reason; please report this issue on . Make sure you are using the latest version; see  on how to update. Be sure to call youtube-dl with the --verbose flag and include its complete output.

I have an autmation that starts media_extractor every weekday (no changes made for a long time and it has been working for a long time). Seems it broke one-two weeks ago. this error come everyday so something changed that made media_extractor to break?
Anyone know?

Thanks :slight_smile:


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