Media interrupt by notification and resume [condition]

I have been looking for this for ages and i just cant seem to find a simple sollution.

We really need a media interruption condition to use in automations. Currently all my media stops when it is interrupted by an MP3 or TTS notification. Resuming automatically has been a pain to setup. But if we had a preset condition that scans for active media on chosen device, allows us to choose the interrupting media (mp3 or tts), and resumes the active media 5 seconds after the interruption is done, i think a very annoying problem will be solved.

I’m sure anyone else wants this, right?

Post about trying to fix this:
Text-to-Speech (TTS) stops current media playing without resuming it.

Long standing [FR] for this. Please vote there…
WTH is there no option to resume media after a TTS announcement.

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