Media library file name renaming help

Not sure if i post this in the right place. Anyways.
I have a security camera that uploads files to the HA. The files is in the format “Unix time”.mp4. And that’s how they are displayed in HA interface media library. I would like to keep the file naming in unix time format but display them in a more human readable format like “20240205.mp4”. Is this possible to achieve? Can i use regex to change how the filenaming is displayed in the frontend of media library?

I’m not 100% on this. But when the media browser is displaying information from a music library it does look at the ID3 tags of the MP3 file. So if you can get the camera software to add ID3 tags to the MP4 file, that may work. You can also use ffmpeg to add id tags.

Im using Tapo cameras and the “Tapo: Cameras Control” addon that is installed with HACS. Not sure if there is an option for that. Maybe i shall request a feature for that addon to support ID3 tags.