Media player assigned to a specific BSSID

Hi everyone.

I’ve just installed spotify and all the necessary HACS addons to play spotify through my chrome (nest and chromecast) devices. It works fine, I can change manually through my chrome speakers with the HACS card lovelace.
I’ve got a wifi extender to reach my office and I can’t find a way to automate the spotify connect to use the nest speaker when I’m in the office room.
My WIFI BSSID has a different number than my main router so, my main objective is that when my mobile is connected to the office BSSID (because SSID is the same), spotify connect or spotcast will connect directly to my nest speaker. The trigger must be when BSSID in my mobile is my office BSSID and condition is Spotify IS PLAYING. If I try to use this as a condition I can’t do it because the condition of media.player is when changes to from, (not when playing).
In addition I’ve tried to use the BSSID as an attribute or value for a state, but it doesn’t work.
When using BSSID as a value can’t add full BSSID number or won’t work.
I’ve thinked of create an area or something similar with my office BSSID and then when that triggers then play my media with my nest. (but can’t find a way to assign BSSID connection to an area)

Any idea of how to do that?

Thanks in advance