Media Player Browser Choose Player button only shows Web Browser

Able to play medias from the media browser, but what I’m still missing is to be able to play this media stored on the media folder to my Marantz player. I’m able to select the different sources available like Blue Ray DVD - CD - Tuner, but what is the option to play a media stored in the Media Browser path?
I know the question is basic, but not able to do that. Do I need a special HACS integration or another plugin to achieve this?

You can’t play your media to a Denon/Marantz receiver. That’s a limitation from the receivers. The only workaround I can think of, is having a Pi/other media player that is capable of playing media attached to the receiver.

thanks for the information. But just playing around now with HEOS plugin, was able to play a media that was on another server. I’m lost…


How did you do this? Which HEOS plugin?

Totally fuzzy, I was just experimenting the TTS funcionnality, tested it, without success, wanted to say “hello world” to my Marantz, click on play script and it launched the album…

And when I run TTS script it goes to the next track!

I had similar issues like this. Solved by running Bubble UPNP server in Docker and controlling it by Linn Kazoo free media control app, Windows and Android versions.
Having a Denon receiver (almost identical with the Marantz).
It works very good for me… Nice extra - this combo is capable playing Hi-Res 24bit/192kHz audio over LAN/WLAN :wink:

Thanks, I’m also able to read the medias that are stored on my Serviio free server running on Windows with my Bubble client app. Do you have a kind of interface with HA? That was my goal.

Not really. Only, once a playlist is started with Bubble, the HEOS plugin is able to control it. But not making a new playlist. I would love to see a Linn Kazoo integration on HA, but that is another discussion… :wink:

Did you try to start a playlist with the HEOS playlist option?

Will try to investigate…

media_content_type: "playlist"
media_content_id: "Awesome Music"

Ok, just define a Playlist within HEOS and it works with a script! Happy today. :smile:

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No, i did not, because it’s not that relevant for me. I actually only use stream services.

My girlfriend uses Spotify, and that is integrated perfectly in HA, works out of the box.

For me it’s more complicated, as I love listening music with much higher quality, that’s why I invested so much in a Hi-Res capable Denon AVR.
So I have a subscription on Qobuz, which gives me the streams, I can appreciate. But it lacks integrations with other things.
The only seamless workaround will be Roon server, but that cost’s again a lot of money.
The only free possibility, I found, which is workable, is the Bubble / Linn Kazoo combo. But HEOS can’t edit playlists on Linn, I guess, or I don’t know, how.

Well my priority is the Hi-Res stream, and that works like this… :wink:

Just happy with FLAC! And now it’s working with playlists you have to define in HEOS.

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I have this same problem with the list of media players.
Marantz has HEOS and separate to that it can receive DLNA streams which are part of the receivers HEOS system.
I can send DLNA streams from my computer to the receiver so there has to be missing piece here to be able to select the player from the list. How can we even configure the player list?

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Did anyone ever solve this?
The new (2022.3) update has some great new media stuff, but the Denon AVR and HEOS integrations still don’t appear as media player targets…

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