Media player content moderation system design

Need advice on choosing approach to moderation system for media player. It should work like this:

  • media player is voice controlled smart speaker, user request particular track to play;
  • home assistant instance monitors media player state, queries for track metadata;
  • stored black list is queried for metadata and decision is made to block or not to block;
  • depending on decision home assistant stops playback, changes track or does nothing;

First idea I come with is one automation to query metadata on player state change and submit it to telegram bot, another automation to handle telegram callback and change player state. Black list management is offloaded to telegram bot.
Next idea is to create rest sensor that generates url using current player track metadata and queries external api for moderation result. One automation monitors sensor state and change player state.
Other idea is custom component. But I dont know clearly how can I query media player state from component.
What I ask is more of this ideas like these.