Media Player Entity Disappears with upgrade to .113


I have a separate raspberry pi running Volumio media player software. For some reason, the discovery component of HA creates 2 entities, media_player.volumio_2, and media_player.volumio_volumio_local. When I upgrade from 0.112.4 to .113 the media_player.volumio_volumio_local disappears. Unfortunately the media_player.volumio_volumio_local has way more functionality than media_player.volumio_2. This issue is easily reproduced as rolling back to 0.112.4 makes the entity reappear. I have not found anything in the log that mentions the entity. Does anyone know what is causing this or know how to fix?

I ended up getting rid of Volumio. Loaded Balena-Sound on the separate pi to use as Spotify Connect. The media_player.spotify services work quite well through HA.