Media_player flapping state every 5 minutes

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I have a Rpi4 running the following configuration:

System Health

|Installation Type|Home Assistant OS|
|Virtual Environment|false|
|Python Version|3.8.7|
|Operating System Family|Linux|
|Operating System Version|5.4.83-v8|
|CPU Architecture|aarch64|
|Host Operating System|Home Assistant OS 5.13|
|Update Channel|stable|
|Supervisor Version|supervisor-2021.04.0|

I have integrated a Samsung SmartTV; Samsung Smart TV - Home Assistant
As I can see, altough the tv is powered off, the component media_player is detecting the SmartTV as powered on and flapping it’s state every 5 minutes exactly.

I don’t know why, or how can I avoid that behaviour.
Please, help!

Thanks in advance.

Anyone could help?