Media_player for Alexa vs. HA 0.89

Pi3b+, HA v0.89.0 (now back to 0.88.2).
No issues other than all my echos and dots disappeared. It appears to be an issue with the file/folder reorganization for custom_components but I’ll wait for author advice on patching instructions for this environment.
I have not personally found anything regarding it yet. My apologies if this has been discussed and resolved elsewhere.

Custom component changes are mentioned in the Release Notes.

They lso reference this.

That was almost helpful. My request still stands. What specifically do I need to move/modify/edit for this particular media_player with Alexa support?

Since custom components are, by definition, individually customized, you just need to try to interpret the logged errors to, step by step, find a resolution.

I have not accessed Alexa directly from HA or used the media player feature. Sorry.

What is the folder structure you have right now for your alexa media_player component and which version of the component are you using?, VERSION 0.10.2, contained in custom_components/alexa

You need to update to the latest version using these instructions

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Ok then you need to update your folder structure to the new way of doing things (the so-called “Great Migration”).

under the “custom_components” directory rename your “media_player” directory that contains your file to “alexa_media”.

then go to the github page for the alexa media_player (see here ) and download all of the files there and put them in the new “alexa_media” directory. Make sure you copy the “raw” files over or just download the whole github using the “clone or download” button.

then add the new configuration to the configuration.yaml file.

    - email: !secret amazon_email
      password: !secret amazon_pass

make sure you remove all of the old stuff from your configuration.yaml file and remove the old file.

restart. Good Luck! :wink:

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If you have upgraded the custom_component to the latest version, have you modified your configuration.yaml per the instructions?

Everything is in the wiki:

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I think we just walked all over each other. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Okay folks, all of you. Thank you for your assistance. IT WORKED!

Yeah, personally I don’t like how the documentation is laid out for that custom component. It tripped me up too after updating beyond 0.88. The configuration on that git is buried in links unlike most custom components.

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