Media player group: outputs to kodi, but not chromecast

I have two media players, 1 Kodi and 1 Chromecast device. I can play music and TTS to both devices. I wanted to make announcements, doorbell, and possibly play music on both systems simultaneous, which seems like a common simple thing.

After I created the group and went to go test, media only plays on the Kodi, and does not on the Chromecast device. I again tested sending to each device seperate in the developer/call service function - and each device will play media. The group only plays on Kodi.

(part #2 of same condition)
Also, in the “media” tab in the left, I can play music chosen from a DLNA server, on either the Kodi, Chromecast, or Web Browser. “1st floor” media group - is not listed to send the media. Did I miss something in configuration, or is there some wonderful federal law or restriction on Home Assistant from NOT allowing me to enjoy my own music on my own hardware in my house?

Media group in configuration.yaml:

  - platform: group
    name: firstFloor
    unique_id: first_floor
    - media_player.Kodiac
    - media_player.food_eatin_tv