Media player group state doesn't get triggered by "On", but "on"

So I have a set of amps that turn on when chromecast zones that are hooked with them go into a playing state. I made a sources group of all the media players for each amp, and trigger the amp on when the group state goes to on, and off when it goes to off.

Now, the group state options show “Off” as an option, but not On. When all the players stop playing, the state of the group goes to Off, and I turn off the amp via an action.

If I try and trigger when the group state is On, nothing gets triggered. When I trigger on “on” (all lower case), it works! But when I display the state of the group in a dashboard, it displays the state as On, not as on. When I use the developer options when one zone is playing, it says 'on", not “On”.

Is this a bug?

No - it’s an attempt by the developers to make the UI more user friendly… :roll_eyes:

There are a number of state options which show as “on” and “off” in developer tools but something else in the UI. Motion sensors, for example appear as “clear” and “detected”. This is fine if you only use the UI, but if you’re writing yaml you have to use the terms you see in developer tools. The capitalization of “On” and “Off” is part of this. Needs sorting out IMO.

Well, I didn’t edit the yaml. I typed in on in the UI for the trigger because neither on nor On is an option for the trigger in the pulldown. :slight_smile:

This is definitely confusing!