Media Player: How to play last source after interruption


I use an automation that plays a sound on my SONOS system when the doorbell rings.If music is currently playing, it will be interrupted.

If after the doorbell ring I go back to Play on the media player, the doorbell is played again.

Is there a possibility for an automation that plays the source that was played before the doorbell?

Thank you so much! :wink:

The automation that plays the sound when the doorbell rings should first save the current state of the media_player. After it has finished playing the doorbell sound it should restore the media_player’s previous state.

I believe this can be done with a scene, specifically with its snapshot_entities option. It’s explained in the scene documentation, Creating scenes on the fly, along with an example.

It would look something like this:

  - service: scene.create
      scene_id: before_doorbell
      snapshot_entities: media_player.sonos
  ... Your code to play the doorbell sound ...
  - delay: '00:00:03'
  - service: scene.turn_on
      entity_id: scene.before_doorbell
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You made my day!

It works. I was not familiar with the >scene.create< function. This solves some other issues I have at the same time.

Thank you so much!

Does this work with google home speakers?

I would never have thought of using a scene. It sounds like it works well but…

There are dedicated services for this in the Sonos integration: here.

In my experience they have the, albeit small advantage of not needing the delay. They are possibly also more suitable than using scenes if you have more than one Sonos and ever group them.