Media Player how to use it for selecting media from TuneIn and Plex

I have some media Players integrated into HA

They are based on B&O devices, but that shouldn’t really matter.

How can I use these media players? Can I only turn on/off, play/pause and set the volume?

I would like to be able to select my source, for instance TuneIn or my Plex NAS server and get the radio station or album being played. Is this possible? Or am I going too far? Also making groups of speakers (media players) is possible I believe. Am I correct?

Or should I use an add-on for a more sophisticated player? If anybody could help me to get started that would be great!

Check this thread and look at select source here and you can find all the information in the developer tools for the entity

What do you see, when clicking on the 3 dots in the upper right corner of each media player?
That’s where most of possible actions are hidden :wink: