Media player in lovelace

After many tries our music server is now running (hurra!)
Now I am trying to make it into lovelace. I have found card which I could use as well as addon, but they don’t have all the buttons I’d like to have. So I wanted to make my own layout and there come the problems. Now my layout looks like this:

It is a grid card with buttons. I’d like to use a Repeat button to show different icon if it’s off, set to “repeat 1” and “repeat all”.
I would also like to select the playlist from the dropdown manu. This option is possible if the playlist would be as a entity, but entity is always media player and selected playlist is “state”. Is it possible to make a card with such a properties?

The repeat option is not possible with the standard button card afaik, you would want a state_image.
This can be done with the custom-button-card or using the standard picture-elements image.

Thank you! I have now installed the button card. I will try it tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Good, it has many options and there is a very active topic on here.
You might want ot skip (or quick browse) the first messages as it has gotten much more options later.