Media_player.play_media support for Openhome

Would be great to have play_media support for Openhome/Linn devices. Such that you could call it from an automation, as if below…

  - service: media_player.play_media
        - media_player.linn_223637
      media_content_id: ""
      media_content_type: audio/mp4

This should be straight forward since the library already supports it. I can submit a PR of the component changes to support this?



I am missing the media_player.play_media service for my Linn device, too.

At the moment I am using a workaround to trigger a radio station on my Linn device:

There is already a Roon component for Home Assistant. In Roon I have defined the needed radio station. From Home Assistant I trigger Roon to play the radion station on my Linn device.



I’ve created a PR to add support when ready:


I cannot seem to get this to work. I have an OpenHome media player and I can control it fine from HA (change volume or track, play/pause), but play_media returns a AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'ControlUrl'. I’ve managed to get it playing the current playlist via the media_play service.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.