Media_player.play_media use of "announce" option

Hi everyone,
I would like to use the option “announce: true” of the command media_player.play_media as described in the documentation, on a couple of Google media players (Home Mini and Nest Mini) but I haven’t found where to put that attribute, is it still valid?
It would be very useful in case the media player is playing some music and I receive an announcement, otherwise, I have to save the state of the object and then restore it after playing the announcement.
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Anyone have ever tried that option?
The saving and restoration of the state it works sometime and sometime not, without any useful information on how to solve this misbehavior…

That’s still needed because the announce: true feature, at this time, isn’t yet supported by any of the popular media device integrations (Google Cast, Sonos, etc). To put it another way, the announce feature is more aspirational than functional at the moment.

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Google cast enabled devices DO support the announce feature do they not ?
I can ask google assistant to announce something just fine. It seems the HA integration does not yet call the announce function correctly somehow ?

Having this functionality would be a game changer for my instance, so I can announce alerts to speakers that are playing music without needing to restart the music every single time.

If you review my original post, I refer to what Home Assistant’s integrations are currently capable of doing. Currently, none of them support announce: true. See emontnemery’s comment here:

This post is from over a year ago…anyone know if theres been movement on using the Announce attribute for google cast devices?
Google SDK has been a good work around, but the “incoming broadcast” is super annoying…