Hi all

So I use FreeNAS and have a jail inside that NAS running that has Plex running inside it.

I use pfSense and have a dedicated subnet for my IOT and Hassio running on that subnet.

My question is this;

the plex sensor works A-OK but I seem to have issues picking up clients on my networks that are running a client version of Plex so I can’t detect those clients UNLESS I run plex in Chrome however this poses another problem - the media_player.plex tag changes each and every time I log into Plex via chrome

Is there any work around to get my clients to show up, if it’s a windows client, Android client or Chrome and is there a way to keep my Chrome Clients the same ID so they show up on my lovelaceUI each and every time I load it?

I’ve searched the net and exhausted any possible resolutions they offer only to find no real result or anyway to capture my local Window Client?

Thanks in advance