Media player set channel

I’m new to Home Assistant, and over the last few days I’ve been setting it up. So far so good, and I’ve started to make a platform for TiVo DVR boxes. But I have a question about media player components that I can’t seem to find in the documentation / on here.

I know that media players can report their channel. But there appears to be no way to set the channel. So far in my TiVo platform I support previous and next track to skip backward and forward a channel. However I’d like to support jumping straight to a channel. I could do it with sources, however I’d then need a list of all the channels. I was hoping to use those for configurable channels-with-names, and still support jumping to a channel by number.

So my question really is - is there a best practice way to handle this, or is this additional functionality that would need to be added? (I’m happy to give a stab at adding it!)

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