[media_player] [Sonos] - Error retrieving proxied image

Hello I am using the media_player component with my Sonos.
I dan’t recall when it started but I am getting this every time the song change:

WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.media_player] Error retrieving proxied image from is my Sonos speaker.
In UI I see the image of the song like before.

Is this normal?

EDIT: has something to do with the UI: closing the browser I don’t see any warning on the log.


I’ve been receiving this error lately too, and a few of my TTS Sonos automations have started to fail.

Now running core-2021.3.2

Did you get any resolution to this?

Same issue here.

For me is started after upgrading to core-2021.8.x.

Did you get it to work?

I did a new build with 2021.8.8 and am getting the same errors. I also noticed that if I go to Developer Tools → States tab and enter Sonos in the entity field, it shows duplicate sonos entities (IE media_player.sonos_bedroom, media_player.sonos_bedroom_2) for each of my sonos entities. The duplicates do not show up under Configuration → Entities though…

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