Media player TTS + voice assist speaker

I’ve spent 2 days chasing my tail trying to get a RaspiAudio Muse Luxe ESP32 “hackable” speaker to do BOTH voice-assist AND TTS media player to announce HASS events in the house… only to find out that it can only do one or the other, and each requires a different YAML configuration… at least that was my recent experience – I am not a YAML coding guy, but learning as I go.

Voice assist works great with the YAML provided by RaspiAudio, but no local TTS, and local media player TTS works great with the YAML offered by ESPHome website but has no voice-assist.

So am wondering if the ESP32 is not capable of providing both “services” ? or is this just that no YAML file combines both ?

It woudl be really nice to have a speaked that does voice-assist, and plays TTS locally to announce events, such as “alarm has been disabled”, or “someone is at the door” when the door bell is rung, or a camera alarm is triggered, etc…

Any ideas or suggestions on speakers I coudl look into ? or a YAML file I should try on the Muse Luxe ?


I know nothing about this board but I have voice assistant with micro wake word and media player running successfully on ESP32 S3 N16r8 boards using code from here.

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Many Thanks for the suggestion, I will take a look, and post back if it works on the Muse Luxe.

noob question – what is “micro” wake-word ?

Micro wake word is wake word detection hosted on the esp32, as opposed to running on the server.

ahh, cool ! Thank you.

looked at the alternate YAML you mentioned, and not sure I can make it work, the Muse Luxe uses an ESP32-WROVER… I wish I knew more about coding etc.