Media_player.turn_off make device unavailable

Hi all,
with the latest update of Home assistant I discovered that my android tv, that before was working correctly, now when I turn it off with the command in object, it became unavailable and cannot turn it on with an automation but have to use the remote control: before it was working correctly putting the android tv correctly in sleep.
Any idea how to fix this ?

Thank you in advance for any suggestion.

Hey @miky_italy I think I have the same issue, although the TV seems to come back online on its own a few hours later. Did you ever find a fix for this?

Hi Chris,
the solution I adopted was to configure my Android TV box (Mi box S) to never go to sleep in the developer option menu, so it is always available when I turn on all the things around with my automation (surround system and TV).
It is not an issue up to HA but probably caused by the power management of the device so when you send the turn off it go to deep sleep and turn off the network too.

Ah ok, I’ll try that. Thanks for following up.

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