Media Player Volume UP and Down

I am getting my Voice control going with Home Assistant. I currently only have support for simple switches ex: I can only say turn on this and turn off that.

I would like to set up A volume switch where turn on turns up the volume on my Denon Media player. (opposite off turns down)
This is listed on another forum but doesn’t work for me.

service: media_player.volume_set
entity_id: media_player.YourPlayer
volume_level: ‘{{ states.media_player.YourPlayer.attributes.volume_level + 5 }}’

Any other ideas or why is that not working?

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volume_level: ‘{{ states.media_player.YourPlayer.attributes.volume_level | int + 5 }}’

Try that, although the media players I deal with have volumes as percentages, so you would add 0.5 to increase by 50%.