Media Player vs. Spotify

I see how Spotify (at least a single user instance on the same network) is treated as a media player regardless of which device is actually sending the music to the amplifier.

Is there a way to control a device with HA such that you could start an app (spotify) remotely from HA…or better yet…

What method would I use to ensure that Spotify is always running somewhere on my network, so I could control it by talking to it, then direct the output to a specific zone fed by a multi-zone amplifier.

And, how would I be able to have HA play a song from spotify in one room, and a different playlist in another room?

Let me make it clear that wireless desktop speakers with wires (go figure) to power them and bluetooth systems are not an option. I’m wiring the house with ethernet, and speaker wire so I can have a data center with a multi-zone amp that can deliver the audio to hidden speakers embedded in the walls and ceilings.

The goal is to have sound coming from wherever I want without seeing or messing with echo, google home, sonos, etc.

One last thing, it looks like some of this I might be answering already. We have a family account on Spotify, so I could conceivably have up to 5 devices in a closet (something like Mopidy or Volumio


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Did you ever find a solution? I am trying to send a spotify playlist from Home Assistant to a volumio player.

Volumio has a Spotify plugin that can be used to call up Volumio as the media player…I ditched volumio a while back because it was just another headache that I didn’t want to deal with. In order to play a single MP3 file, I had to create a playlist in Volumio and then call up that playlist. Now, I have to deal with the “plunk” sound with Google, but at least I can just call up a media file from the www folder by name.

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