Media server on HyperV machine

Ok so a little issue here.

Running HA on a HyperV instance, and now I need to be able to play audio from it. Problem is, as we all know HyperV sucks when it comes to passthrough devices, so I cannot pass audio through to the HOST which has my 3.5mm audio jack on it.

The setup will be a 3.5mm audio jack on the HOST connected to my Pioneer Receiver. What are my options here?

Can I run some sort of DLNA client and stream over to the HOST? Or any other options available.

Also considering ditching HyperV at this stage and installing proxmox or something for future expansion but if I can get a solid and reliable streaming setup working I wont do that yet.


I have set up a couple of mod sessions running that stream to a SnapCast and an IceCast server.
Now SnapCast clients or http streaming clients can all get music over the network.
I can use all programs that can stream http, like clock radios, mobile phones or programs, like Plex, VLC or media player.
I only need network access to the server.