Media Server - Play all songs in Playlists

Hi as suggested by Frenck as I raised this in issues section rather than feature request (apologies)…

Is it possible to play a playlist that automatically plays all the songs withinthe list. Currently it only allows the choice to select and play one song within the playlist?



@chishm wrote …

I would love to have playlists too, but it’s not easy to add support at the moment. HA media players don’t have a generic concept of play lists (other than enqueue next item and clear all items), so that would have to be added. Also the front end doesn’t have a way of showing the play list information. This will require some HA architecture discussion and in-depth planning to get implemented properly.

If your DLNA server can serve playlist files (.m3u or .pls) and your DLNA media player can play them, and the server doesn’t try to expand the contents of the play list (so that HA shows the items inside instead), then it might be possible to do it now without any changes. But you won’t be able to change or view the playlist contents from HA.

My response… My DLNA server is via Synology NAS which I suspect is .m3u file? Happy to set up the playlist from DS Audio on the NAS, if the option to just play the contents within the playlist from Home Assistant would be awesome as I could incorporate it in my automation and just tell Google to play a specific playlist (with shuffle option if possible :sunglasses: :nerd_face:) Hopefully, this is possible… keep up the GREAT WORK!!!

I’m also looking for a way to play playlists via HA on Alexa.


same here, when you play a song from your local media, i have a folder “music” for example, that plenty of folders of “artists”, and then inside “albums”, and then inside “songs”…you can only play one file and after music stop…

Like on all players, it will be great to play a file and then the next play automatically, and the next, and the next…should be a great feature…like “continuously” playing song…

Hope devellopers will read this post… :wink:


that would be a great addition. found this post cause i m looking for a solution too.

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thats bad because nobody seems interested by this option…

no response from developper team’s

Well, now we got “music assistant”… so… it all works out… :slight_smile:

HUGE shoutout for the dev team

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Hi are you running songs locally as I’m trying to play songs off my NAS? There is no DLNA option I can find?

So far, as to my experience - that is correct.
only local music from the HA hard drive (as i do not use streaming, from Spotify nor others). but DLNA and SMB expansions are coming (as to the developer in the video discussing this issue), so there is much to look for…

I am with tennbaum. THANK YOU so much guys on the dev team, I had to do some weird coding to get this working for my waiting room

Awesome, I should have watched the entire video discussion!!! :+1: