Media shortcuts, feedback when pressed?

I have the buttons below on a dashboard on a wall mounted tablet - they call a script that plays the relevant media on a player/tv. It works well but I am trying to figure out how to give some feedback when pressed - it can take a few seconds to kick in (for radio, more for TV) so some kind of ‘confirmation’ would be desirable.

Currently configured as a picture entity card where the linked ‘entity’ is a dummy toggle helper. Tap action then calls the script. Is there a different way that would help?

I originally had a more complex arrangement where each shortcut was linked to its own dummy switch, and when then went ‘on’ the script was triggered and the icon went into colour (as the switch was on). Then 10 seconds later an automation flipped the switch off and the icon went back to black and white as shown. Worked ok and the colour gave the feedback but was just a bit messy for what it is.

That would be how I would accomplish that. It’s either that or a sensor for each where you could change the color based on state or attributes but that’s even messier. You have two options, to either have a dumb button that sends the command and s done or a smarter one that uses a switch to bring more intelligence to the situation and gives you more flexibility to program it.

You could sort of blend them together with a function call that is generic with a return value into a helper entity. For instance, assuming that only one button is really doing anything at a time, you could have a helper called “Last Request” that gets updated by your script when called, then you can use Card Mod to change the colors as the state of that helper changes from “Thinking” to “Executing” to “Verifying” to “Done”.

No really simple ways then! Maybe i’ll go back to my dummy switch method then, i was just hoping to avoid anything more complex than it needed to be.