Media shows broken images

Hi HA community,

I’ve a tablet in my kitchen which functions as control centre of the house. On the dashboard there is some space left and I would like to show some personal photos there. What did I do:

  1. Create a separate admin user in my Synology NAS. User is limited to Photos only and has no access to webinterface.
  2. Created a folder in Photos and shared it with my other users. Photos which we would like to see on the tablet can be shared to this folder.
  3. Integrated my NAS with HA.
  4. Set up the gallery card and referred to the Photo album

So far this works really well, apart from one crucial element; the photos don’t show. Instead I have a broken image icon. When I navigate to Media in the menu I can access the album, see the image names but only see the broken image icon. Since I do see the image names I assume the integration is there, but maybe not 100%? Photos are by the way in .png and .jpg format, nothing extraordinary I guess.

What did I already try:

  • Deleted the integration with my NAS and tried it again
  • Restarted HA
  • Restarted NAS

Does someone have any other suggestion?