Media Source - Search Spotify

I love the media source integration and how it can connect to Spotify.

What would be over the top incredible is if we could have the ability to search Spotify with that integration so we can search and select single songs, playlists etc. The search capability is the best thing about streaming services like Spotify.

Agreed. The media provider API should have search by default. Without it, it’s a flashy demo but not much practical. Too bad the media library functionality in HA seems to be abandoned after its launch.

This would be an amazing feature, was anyone able to successfully integrate Spotify search with lovelace ?

Not that I have seen. I’ve been looking at Spotify’s API for this and it’s pretty straight forward.

This would be amazing… def a must with its media card.

@frenck I know this feature request doesn’t really have a lot of votes. However I do believe that search would be more than welcome. And from what I was able to understand from playing with Spotify’s API, would be fairly easy to implement.

I managed to make myself a RESTful sensor (as research if this could be done at all) but it is seriously lacking. For example, I have no way to properly authorise myself (I could only use a 1-hour token).

My gut feeling is that It’d make more sense to just expand Spotify component.

Any update on this? I’m venturing in Node-Red and Spotcast to (try to) achieve this but would be great if this became a native HA feature in the Media Library.

hi all,
Is there any news for the spotify search function?


No. Media functionality is left to slowly stagnate, as are so many things in HA.

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No news aboutnspoty search?

Not enough people gripe about it. I recently was able to get spotcast to using voice assist and node red. I’m sure you could setup your own input fields and do the same via spotcast.