Mediabrowser as lovelace card


Would it be possible to use the Media Browser as a lovelace card.
It would be handy to combine it with other cards (like media player)…



I am curious as well if anyone here can help! Think it would look cool on my lovelace dashboard to have both my Plex library and Spotify account favorites as individual cards side by side.

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I would love to see this as well. The great work for the media browser packaged in a card would be ideal. Maybe pre-configured with a media_player entity.

I looking also for this +1

Also looking to do this, I noticed that the Spotify media player component has a button which hooks into the media browser for Spotify.

Does anyone know how I can trigger this from another card/button via card mod or similar?

This would be great! Following.

Also interested in this. 2 years later, still no hint?

This would be great! I have also tried to find a workaround but without success.

also waiting for this… having media browser in a total differnt view is strange. also energy consumption got their own cards…

also waiting for this