MediaPlayer GoogleHome just stops working

Hi, today all of the sudden, my media player for google home in homeassistant is no longer working and I can’t figure out why.

I sent a tts command to the media_player via the test tool in HA but I got this error in the log:

INFO:pychromecast.controllers:Not launching app CC1AD845 - already running

And nothing is playing to the media_player.

Also my mosquitto broker is unable to start at reboot… and I’m not sure why either… everything was running fine the day before and nothing was changed. This is a mystery; what’s going on?

I’m having a lot of issues with Chromecasts and Google Home as well. The only Google media player that I see right now after a restart is my Nvidia Shield. Rokus seem to work OK. Here is the only relevant log entry:

2017-06-10 11:46:49 ERROR (Thread-6) [pychromecast.socket_client] Failed to connect, retrying in 5.0s

I figured out how to fix my issue… reboot Google Home fixed it.

I still see this problem, seems to happen after HA has been up and running for a day or two. (HA version 0.61.1). All MediaPlayers are unresponsive to TTS or Google Home (GH plays just fine but status doesn’t show in HA). The only fix I can find is to restart HA.

The above fix (reboot Google Home) doesn’t really work for me as I have 2 GHs, 1 Mini and 4 Chromecasts!

I use the MediaPlayer feature for whole house audio and it really works well until this happens!
Let me know if I can help debug this somehow!

Yep… upgraded to 0.61 last night and it happened again, rebooting GH didn’t help either… I have restarted HA many times too… not working so far…

What do you suggest?

EDIT: Ended up rebooting my Router and that did it this time!!!

Just in case this helps anyone else…

I had this problem while trying to cast a locally hosted mp3 to a local google home mini. The mp3 played fine for a time or 2 and then just stopped working.

For whatever reason, once I replaced the text based host in the url of the file (e.g. http://mycomputer.local/myfile.mp3) with the IP address of the machine (e.g., it started reliably working.

I had the same issue. I had rebooted my router which have my raspberry pi a different IP address, so what I had to do is change the base_url which was using the old IP address. Hope that helps.

I am seeing this issue currently and was wondering if anyone had a workaround as I am currently having to restart HA fairly regularly to resolve. Thanks.

I’m having this issue too with Plex media playing to Google Home. It seemed to start after I had to reinstall my Plex add-on due to a different issue. I’ve raised an issue for this one here but please let me know if anyone else has this problem and there is a duplicate issue.