Medicinal Reminder and Tracker

I’m wondering if there is a way to have HA notify me with “Take your [insert medicine name]” and have “Skip” or “Done” as actionable options. If I skip, it does nothing but close the notification. If I select “Done” then I would like it to update a Google Sheets spreadsheet, with a date and time stamp and the name of the medicine.

Not sure how to finally integrate it, but a first step could be the telegram integration.

It seems that you can use the

inline_keyboard list (Optional)

List of rows of commands, comma-separated, to make a custom inline keyboard with buttons with associated callback data.

to create buttons and get data back. This data could perhaps be sniffed with node red, that then does the google spreadsheet stuff?

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My thinking, and I’m likely entirely wrong, is that HA uses a time trigger and the native notify service to push the actionable notification via clickAction.

I wonder if I can make the “Done” clickAction update HA that it has been clicked?

HA then would push to Google Sheets that info?