Melbourne HA Meetup

I wasn’t where to post this.

Is anyone keen on meeting up to discuss Home Assistant/Home Automation stuff once a month or so in Melbourne, Australia?

I’d be keen :slight_smile:

Yeah great idea!

I’m located in Preston and if group is small enough could host at my office.



perrin7 has created a meetup group :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up. Found this by chance, so maybe bit of promoting (not sure how) might get a few more coming out of wood works.
See you all then.

Wow, 44 members on the meetup group already! Looking forward to some good meetups and hack sessions!

I’m really looking forward to catching up and discussing things. Thanks for organising

It sounds like meetup is working :slight_smile:

Sure does and well done!

That’s amasing, here I was thinking I’m the only one using HA in Melb.
Look forward to the night.


Just a quick update. This appears to have been much more successful than expected. So far around 20 people have signed up for the first meetup! :slight_smile:

Is this meet up group still active ?

Not that I am aware of. We did have a few meetups which were great but I guess everyone was too busy.

let’s we start meetup again ?

We could probably organize a meetup though this forum.

I would be keen for this.

Ideas for a place date and time?

Fellow Melbournian Home Assistarians we’re back on!

And of course in true OZ style …at a pub:

5th March, 5pm Tuesday 29 Lygon St, Carlton.

All welcome to attend!!

Nice, seeing as there is a Social category in the forums now maybe we should meet up again? :slight_smile: