Melbourne Home Assistant Automators!

Hi Everyone,

Moving the discussion from Meetup back to the forums as meetup has crazy fees for big groups! Hope you can all join us here and we can work on organising a workshop locally.

Hi Perrin,

Another good idea!
Sounds good, heading up north and not back for a couple of weeks, But yeah keen for workshop one night.


Happy to have it here as well. If and when we decide to have a workshop, I can provide an ample training room facility in Carlton south (just a block north of RMIT)

Is the Mitre Tavern on tonight?

Sorry - I’m in NZ so I wasn’t able to organise!

No problem, it still came up in the Meetup a week or so ago, but now we’ll just follow this thread to see when the next one is?



I am still keen to meet up too but been away.

Hi All,

Hope you all had a great new year!
Jonathan, you still okay to host in Carlton?