Melcloud ATW Water heater - Current operation status


I’m using official MELCloud integration to check on my Hydrobox unit. It correctly shows two entities accounting for Floor Heating and Water Heating. Question is: I’d like to monitor whether any of both is “on” as a status but I’m not able to see that info:

Screenshot 2020-12-09 233503

Operation only shows: Auto and force_hot_water…

@hanross2323 Here’s a super late response:

Unfortunately the water heater mode has only the two states shown in the list. The off mode would need to be emulated. It is also impossible to turn on/off the water and flow heating separately so I chose not to add the confusion in the mix.

You can still check the current status of the water heater throught the extra state property status. However, it does not have simple on/off statuses.