Memory leak energy-distribution card?

I have a dashboard running on a tablet (24/7) with the Android Companion App (on Galaxy Tab S2, Android 7.0). I really like the companion app, compliments for this!

This dashboard started crashing, caused (according to logs) by not being able to allocate memory (I see causes in multiple origins). I started logging memory usage in the developer settings of Android. The memory usage of keeps increasing over time. I do think I see a memory leak here.

By disabling parts of my dashboard I got to a clear indication the energy-distribution card is causing a memory leak. When that card is disabled, memory usage seems to be pretty stable (moving up and down a bit within a 28mb bandwith). When the card is enabled memory usage keeps growing, below 2 logs on memory usage over time (without any user activity)

How can I help in solving this? Too bad I am not a front-end programmer but I can help with logs, performing tests, etc.

Time   Memory usage (companion app)
00:30  274  MB
03.00  331 MB
15.20  587 MB
20.37  699 MB
Time   Memory usage (fully kiosk)
00:10  443 MB
00:30  441 MB
01:00  441 MB
01:30  486 MB
02:00  496 MB
06:37  611 MB
10:30  720 MB
16:30  862 MB
20:30  0,95 GB
30:20  1,2 GB
42:00  1,5 GB

Sorry, just realize I should submit a bugreport, I just did in Memory leak in energy-distribution card · Issue #14349 · home-assistant/frontend (
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