Memory leak with my configuration, any tip to find the culprit module?

Dear all, I have a Home assistant core setup on a Proxmox LXC container.
Everything works just fine and I installed some integrations from HACS and setup some automations.

Unfortunately there is a very slow memory leak causing HA to eat something like 500MB every month.
When I start HA the container HA has about 350MB occupied, after a month 900MB, after another month 1400MB an so on until I restart the container, after that it starts again with 350MB.

I have updated HA to the latest version (2023.6) and I can still see the same bahaviour.

I think itโ€™s related to a custom integration but I donโ€™t know which one.

I tried profiling HA with py-spy but it only gives me the CPU usage, not the RAM one. No modules seems to use lot of CPU.

I then tried with memory_profiler but it shows me the total RAM used by HA, not which module is using it.

Any tip to troubleshoot the issue?

Thank you!

What do you have setup in your configuration.yaml?
What is the size of your log?
The logger & recorder sections can be set to exclude some items and set retention length.

Depending on what integrations you have, the log can get very lengthy; before I made changes my logs were in the gigs.

If you have an extended delay to write to disk, this could eat of memory (possible)

Nine times out of ten it is a third party integration. Start by disabling them all and adding them back one by one until you identify a culprit.

Hi, Iโ€™m sure itโ€™s a third party integration but the leak is so slow I cannot find it by disabling themโ€ฆ
Recorder e logger have default settings.

I installed profiler and started the โ€œPROFILER.START_LOG_OBJECTSโ€ service.

This is the output. Can you decode it?

Memory Growth: [('cell', 40017, 10), ('HassJob', 815, 3), ('DNSAddress', 16, 1), ('DNSText', 9, 1), ('DNSService', 9, 1), ('DNSPointer', 18, 1), ('_FilterableJob', 163, 1), ('LogEntry', 15, 1)]
Memory Growth: [('TimerHandle', 91, 10)]
Memory Growth: [('ReadOnlyDict', 1822, 6), ('TimerHandle', 96, 5), ('MemoryBIO', 4, 4), ('ReferenceType', 23447, 3), ('memoryview', 3, 2), ('managedbuffer', 3, 2), ('ResponseHandler', 4, 2), ('HttpResponseParser', 3, 2), ('StreamReader', 5, 2), ('TimerContext', 4, 2), ('SSLProtocol', 2, 2), ('SSLObject', 2, 2), ('_SSLSocket', 2, 2), ('_SSLProtocolTransport', 2, 2), ('ConnectionKey', 2, 1)]
Memory Growth: []
Memory Growth: [('States', 1, 1)]

While it is an issue, given that i restart my instance for many other reasons multiple times throughout a month, i would not be bothered :slight_smile:

I would focus on custom integrations with cameras (streaming)

why not use a proxmox VM instead of LXC?

It would be a wasteful use of resources to run Home Assistant Core in a virtual machine.

@tteck True! What a coincidence you are replying. Iโ€™m trying to get InfluxDB in LXC using your script, but I canโ€™t it working. When using the command in shell nothing happens. Can you tell what iโ€™m doing wrong or missing? I run other LXC containers without any issue in Proxmox.

It is highly probable that you are encountering DNS problems.

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OMG! That was it. PVE was running on old DNS setting. THANKS!