Memory usage of HaOS on PI4/2GB of RAM

I see that RAM usage of HaOS on PI4/2GB of RAM has been steadily increasing from 45% to 63% over course of 2 weeks.

What are the ideas to deal with it?

It depends on the exact add-ons that you are using.

In a dynamic language like Python, the only thing you can do is run it in something like Valgrind and see which classes use memory and then squash the memory leaks in those modules.

See Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting.

In general, the quality of add-ons in Home Assistant is low, because a lot of amateurs are writing code. They seem to work at first sight, but for a production environment you need to know whose code you are running and read every line.

Native integrations made by the HA team suck less and probably don’t contain many memory leaks.

What is HaaS?

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Obviously meant Home Assistant OS.