Merge 2 Thread Networks (Google Nest and Silicon Labs Multiprotocol)

Hello everyone,

I am completely new to this Thread/Matter protocols. I have SONOFF Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle-E flashed with darkxst build firmware “MultiPAN RCP”.

HA got successfully configured both my zigbee network and the thread network both working on channel 25. Now when I see the Thread networks, I see my preferred network and also network from Google Nest. I wish to add the nest hubs to my HA network at channel 25 (The nest network is on channel 17).

Can anyone please help me out on how to do it? Thanks

As I don’t have Google TBRs, I don’t know for sure how to do this, but I have seen others somehow merge multiple Google TBRs with HA TBR Thread Networks just like you want to do so some of what I discuss is based on what I’ve seen others do.

For sure the first thing, you have to do is to get Google Thread Credentials/Dataset into HA. If you have the Android Companion App, there is a way to “sync” Google Thread Credentials into HA.

Once this is done then it now becomes possible in HA to make the Google Thread network an HA “Preferred network”. I assume all the Google TBRs are on the same Google Thread network (but I don’t know for sure). It may be you have to repeat this for all your Google TBRs.

Once Google is now in HA’s Preferred Network, HA’s Thread Network and Google’s Thread network will merge, and from my understanding, this however will change HA’s Thread Dataset to match Google’s and this also means changing the channel to match Google’s Thread channel (which will be 17).

The next step I’m less certain about too, but in your figure there are 3-dots. Click on it, and HA will give you an option to Change Channel, I just don’t know if it will work on a Google Thread network but it should.