Merge fritz and fritzbox_netmonitor integrations

Currently, there are several integrations part of core to work with the FRITZ!Box. I propose to merge at least the fritz and the fritzbox_netmonitor integrations. Both go back to the same fritzconnection library. Apparently, some work on fritz has been started to add a sensor. Fully bringing over the sensor from fritzbox_netmonitor would make this integration redundant.

Advantages would be:

  • less confusion for users which integration to use for what
  • simpler documentation
  • no need to also implement config flow for fritzbox_netmonitor

I had considered working on this one, but didn’t feel comfortable migrating the main fritz integration over because it had hooks for things I didn’t have (eg smart switches).

That work has been done, so might re-look at refactoring netmonitor into the main one.

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