Merge "z-Wave JS" and "z-Wave JS to MQTT"

For the last couple of days I’ve been trying to achieve something in z-Wave and so far it is only possible in “z-wave JS to mqtt” add-on, I’m using “z-wave JS”. I’ve done some searching and there is whole tone of people with exactly that problem. Clearly both project offer something interesting and useful and I’m struggling to understand whey the devs cannot join forces and work on one add-in?

One is for more advanced use cases and the other is for common uses. If you require advanced usage you should switch. Think of it like a lite and full version.

One click upgrade would be a nice option…

Dream mode off


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Agree, but like many other softwares an “enable advanced mode” would be beneficial.

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I get that - but to me it seems like a waste of resources. They (devs) could achieve much more working together on one project rather then on two project doing pretty much the same thing.

Zwavejs to mqtt is a standalone application. It does not need to be used by home assistant but offers support for it. So combining it is like asking home assistant to support other software uses. Think of it like a lite and full version. You wouldn’t ask those to be combined because they were split for a reason.