Meross MSS310 not configurable in Energy Dashboard

Good morning everyone,

I bought three Meross MSS310 smart plugs. They work well and I was able to implement them in HomeAssistant using this integration:

The only thing I have not been able to do is implement these three plugs in the “Energy” dashboard as Individual Devices.
I also tried to create a sensor with integration according to Riemann (in kWh), but nothing, they are not seen.
Anyone have any suggestions?
Thank you so much!

I have the same plugs, using the repo you mentioned I get 4 entities per plug, but using the one I get 7 per device.
Both show Switch, A, V, W, but the krahabb one also shows Wh, DND, and signal strength.
The switch, DND, and wifi signal work fine, although I have not been able to get either to report any energy usage data whatsoever.
I will keep playing and report back if I get it sorted, else they will be going on a ride back to Amazon …

Did anyone ever work this out?