Meross Smart Garage door opener to replace myQ

I will remove myQ from my network pretty soon. I have configured the Meross smart garage door opener in Home Assistant as a HomKit Device. I am just waiting for the additional device that will enable HA (and HomeKit) to open/close my Liftmaster WiFi garage door opener. I am sick and tired of not having a garage door system integration in HA. After the complete installation of the Meross system, I will block the garage door opener’s myQ WiFi from going out to the Internet. I will be done with myQ then and I can control my garage door system in HA.
Update: 2024-May-16 - I received the device and it is actually a remote commander that you have to pair with the garage door opener. It has a short cable connector that is eventually connected to the Meross smart WiFi garage door opener after it is paired with the Liftmaster. Tried it with Siri and tried it on the HA and it works! No more myQ.

Update: 2024-May-18 - myQ is now blocked from going out to the Chamberlain cloud in my firewall.