Merry Christmas smart bulb automation


I have created a very simple flow : Simple flow

I have a smart bulb which is on my balcony, I want to change the colour every 3 seconds and only between 20.00 o’ clock and 23.30. During the remaining time it has its default colour. This smart bulb is part of another routine which turns the bulb off at 23.55 o’ clock and turns it on after the sunset. So I do not want this new flow to influence the normal way of working of the routine.

There are a couple of things that I do not like and I want to change them.

  1. To have the possibility to start it pressing a button like I do with inject and after that to start cycling every 3 seconds. Now it starts automatically without pressing the inject button;
  2. Outside the defined time to set only once to the default colour. Not like now, every 3 seconds.
  3. The function which takes a random colour from the defined array to work in a way that does not generates two consecutive time the same colour (eg. if it is red, the next one if it is red again to skip it until the next will be different one).

Any idea, it will be appreciated :slight_smile: