Mesh Wifi network to improve Zigbee coverage?

I have just installed some outdoor Hue lights and a Shelly switch in my garden but I am getting patchy connectivity so I’m considering getting a Mesh Wifi network.

Some of them have Zigbee capabilities such as the TP Link Deco M9 Plus. Can these act as Zigbee Routers in my existing Zigbee network or will they insist on forming their own?

I would be curious te learn more on this question as well! I’ve never managed to figure out how to pair my Phillips Hue hub with the M9 plus…

They act as a zigbee coordinator themselves. So no use as a router.

Thanks! I’m a newby when it comes to these terms. But if I understand correctly I can’t use them to extend the Hue Zigbee network?

A Zigbee coordinator is the correct term to describe what manages your zigbee network. Also known as Zigbee hub (Hue hub) or gateway (Ikea gateway). There can only be one coordinator in a Zigbee network.
So in short : you can’t use them to extend your network.

As I feared - thanks @francisp