weather custom interval updating

I wondering if anyone know how to edit to a custom interval update for the weather ?
I normally using weather conditions to control my lights, and for now it looks like is updating rarely for my taste…

And where to edit ? I have looking up in the file for the without any luck.

Yep… Same question here. was the pre-installed on Hassio and I’m using that to sense various conditions. How can I change update interval so changes in weather condition are noticed faster?

Looking at the source it seems that there is a fixed interval of 55-65 minutes with no config option. :frowning_face:
I would be also interested in shorter updates because I control my awning from the wind speed and just once an hour is not enough although I understand the default. Volunteers for a pull request? :sunglasses:

Have you tried an automation and the “homeassistant.update_entity”?

- service: homeassistant.update_entity

@Tomahawk tried it yesterday, does not seem to have an effect. I set updates to run every 15 minutes and plotted pressure and wind speed. Both change simultaneously in minimal 1 hour steps. :frowning:
Just to be sure, here is my automation:

- id: '1593534528281'
  alias: Update Weather
  description: ''
  - minutes: '15'
    platform: time_pattern
  condition: []
  - data: {}
    service: homeassistant.update_entity

Did you check to see how fast the information is updated there ?

Good point. :thinking: I thought that the original posters did that but actually, no. I’ll need to write a script to work around the integration. Thanks!

I logged the updates from and the result is that the forecast (it’s actually not live data) is updated approximately every hour +/- some minutes. Basically the expired period of the forecast is removed the data model (for my location) seems to stay constant over the day.
So in order to work with live data some other source is required, e.g. openweathermap